Top tips on how to be a winner

Entries to the 2017 Awards are now closed. If you would like to register your interest for the 2018 Forecourt Trader Awards, please email

Will it be you picking up the top prize at this year’s Forecourt Trader Awards? Read our top tips to help you achieve that great moment of glory.

Making a good entry

  • Double-check that your entry has been completed correctly with the site’s full name, fuel brand, address and telephone details. Please tick the right region and annual fuel volume for your site. You don’t want to be knocked out of the competition because you’ve entered the wrong category. The error may not be noticed until too late in the judging process and your entry would have to be withdrawn.
  • Read the entry instructions thoroughly so that you understand the rules and what’s expected of you. You need to complete the sheet explaining why you think your site should be a winner. This is your chance to highlight any big achievements, successes or elements of your business of which you are particularly proud.
  • The entry process also includes the judging criteria for the specialist categories – use these as guidelines, not just for how to run that particular category of your business, but also as a BIG CLUE as to what the judges are looking for.
  • Categories to enter: regardless of ownership or operational status, the main retailer categories will be grouped by two main criteria – region and fuel volume. Retailers can compete for the high-status title of being the Best Forecourt Retailer in one of six regions: Scotland; Northern Ireland; Northern England; Midlands; West Country and Wales; and London and the South East. There is also a category for Best Motorway Services Outlet.
  • There will be two volume categories – up to 4mlpa and more than 4mlpa. There will be two winners in each region representing the two volume categories. The overall Forecourt Trader of the Year will be chosen from the regional and motorway winners.
  • Make sure you complete written entries for the specialist categories where indicated. Bearing in mind the judging criteria detailed in the criteria when explaining the merits of this particular part of your business.
  • Winners are people who know how to get themselves noticed. They have done the right things to attract the attention of the judges, not just because their forecourts are the best in class, but because they’ve managed to communicate that fact in their entry.


We can’t stress enough the importance of good photographs. The early rounds are judged anonymously using only the pictures you’ve sent in.


Don’t just send in a picture of the front door (yes, it’s been done!). Judges need a range of good quality photographs to be able to glean a good impression of both the interior and exterior of your site. They need to be bright and clear, so try to take the outside shots on a bright, sunny day, if at all possible.

And if you’re entering a specialist category, make sure the photos show how you are meeting the judges’ criteria. If you have multiple displays for some categories, for example, let’s see them.

Entries cannot be submitted without a minimum of 6 photographs so spend the time to showcase your site.

The pictures need to be good quality digital photographs. For the main regional categories you need to submit: external photos of the forecourt – including fuel pumps and other services such as car valeting; external photos of the shop front; and a selection of interior shots of the store, focusing on the till point, aisles, and other areas of note such as food-to-go and coffee offers.

Find out more about the categories and how the judging process works.