Joe Richardson

Joe joined Jos Richardson & Son 15 years ago and has really taken the family business in a different direction. He has turned a business turning over £15m in 2004 to a business turning over £50m-plus. His family believes that without his vision for the forecourt side of the business the company might not be here today and if it was, it would be a much smaller operation that likely would not pass onto the next generation.

Joe has not only had the pressure of running a business and driving it forward, but the weight of four generations of Richardsons who went before him. After the death of his father he lost his confidante and mentor and took it all on his shoulders.

His sister Jane speaks very highly of him: “He has thrown himself into the forecourt retailing world and his knowledge of the business and attention to detail is second to none – it is his passion. He is prepared to try new things and is always thinking about the next innovation or offering to improve the sites.

“I think Joe deserves the award this year as he has realised an ambition to add more sites to the company’s portfolio which he has been working hard on for a number of years and it has really come to fruition: the acquisition of Middleton in Pickering and the recent re-development; the acquisition of Snaith and the forthcoming Leeds Skelton Lake Services site which will open late October.

“The approach from MSA and Valero to run this site is a real feather in his cap as it was based on how well the JRS sites are run, the high standards and attention to detail. It has been a challenging time as it is a new venture and new way of working for the company but he has preserved and made it work. All this following the re-development of Glews which is the crowning glory – the truck stop has been a phenomenal success and was the result of long-term vision, patience and planning.