Essar Oil UK

Essar Oil (UK) Limited is a leading UK-focused downstream energy company whose main asset is the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, one of the most advanced refineries in Europe and situated close to the major cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Stanlow is a key strategic national asset, annually producing over 16% of the UK’s road transport fuels, while playing an important part in Britain’s petrochemical industry by providing key feedstocks. Stanlow produces 3 billion litres of petrol, 4.4 billion litres of diesel and 2.1 billion litres of jet fuel per year.

Over recent years, Essar Oil UK has broadened its downstream integration, with a highly successful and award winning entry into the UK fuel retail market. With 67 sites already operational across England and Wales, the company has confirmed ambitious plans to grow its retail network within the UK market to 400 sites over the next five years. Already a significant player in the wholesale supply of Jet A-1 to a number of major UK airports, Essar has also successfully entered the market for the direct supply of aviation fuel, signing agreements with a number of the world’s leading international airlines and continuing to grow this sector of its business.

In the financial year ended 31 March 2018, the company had gross revenues of US$5.43 billion, posted EBITDA of US $300 million for a third consecutive year and had a net worth of $772 million.

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